Order Literature from the local AIS Literature depot  (books and pamphlets)

  • System Requirement: Microsoft Excel® or Open Office (free for PC), or Neo Office (free for MAC) or another program compatible with .xls spreadsheet files
  • Down load the latest Excel spreadsheet Order Form
  • Fill it out on your computer and save it.  Total cost is calculated automatically
  • There are several ways you can place your order:

E-mailing your order

  • Save the file in a folder where you can find it
  • Open your e-mail program and initiate a message to the AIS office
  • Attach the file that you saved, and send the message to

Printing your order on paper

  • In the PRINT menu there should be some options for which pages you want to print such as “active pages” , “selected pages”, “page numbers”, “current page”, “all pages”, etc.
  • Choose “PRINT ALL PAGES” if this option is available
  • Set up your printer appropriately, portrait mode, etc.
  • Use PRINT PREVIEW to see what the print will look like
  • Press PRINT

Pick up your order in person

Al-Anon FORUM magazine (the “meeting in your pocket”)

Outreach Booklet “Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism, 2013  DOWNLOAD

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