Tuesday will be lost ?

Dear members,
We at the AIS Office have mentioned for quite a few months now that we need more volunteers for our After Hours Phone Service. AIS D6-10 is one of the few remaining “live” answering services but without the volunteers we will need to give it up.
Our very faithful TUESDAY evening Volunteer is moving and needs to give up his service. Effective this Tuesday, June 30th, and until a new TUESDAY evening Volunteer steps up, we will have our AIS Office answering machine pick up the calls.
We also need a weekend Volunteer (Thursday 4pm – Monday 10am) one weekend a month and an After Hours Phone coordinator because Jean P is termed out.

If anyone wants to volunteer for TUESDAYS, one WEEKEND per month or the After Hours Phone Coordinator, call the AIS Office (916-334-2970) to inquire.

Thank you to Jean P, to Gary T and all the other After Hours Phone Volunteers for your service,
Patty P
AIS Office & Facility Coordinator

Help at the A.I.S. Office


AIS Book Center
Apr 29
Rose S. from District 6 has retired from her many years of service at the AIS office due to health concerns. Thank you Rose for serving Al-Anon each Monday 10am – 12:30pm.

Now the question is, who will volunteer to fill her position? Please call the AIS office 916-334-2970 if you can volunteer on 2 or more Monday mornings each month 10-12:30pm.

Ask to speak to Steve V (Monday), Barbara H (Tuesday) or Patty P (Thursday)