September Newsletter

The Sacramento area Al-Anon & Alateen monthly newsletter

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Note:  the Newsletter Editor has to move out of the area, so we need a new Editor. Your sponsor and your higher power may be calling on you.   :-)

Printed Meeting Schedules

The A.I.S. Office (Al-Anon Information Service) provides a quantity of free printed meeting schedules to each meeting, to give out to members, especially newcomers.  Here’s how it works: your District Representative goes to the Intergroup Meeting every month.  At some of these meetings, new schedules are delivered and your D.R. picks up enough for your district.  Your Group Rep. goes to your District Business Meeting every month, and at some of these meetings the new schedules are passed out.  Your G.R. then brings the schedules to your meeting.  Is your group getting them?  New ones will be delivered to Intergroup on August 12.