Northern California Al-Anon World Service Committee

The Northern California World Service Committee (NCWSC), at its meeting in October 2001, voted to post its guidelines, forms and bylaws (PDF or DOC) that are present in the NCWSC Guidelines Binder (PDF or DOC). The NCWSC Guidelines Binder is for the use of members of the Northern California World Service Committee. We believe, by posting these documents, members of the NCWSC will have a better opportunity to keep their binders up-to-date. These guidelines are intended for use at the Al-Anon and Alateen Area level and may not be appropriate for use at other levels of service.

The NCWSA Bylaws Coordinator is responsible for the distribution of the NCWSC Guidelines Binder to NCWSC members and on this web site. Questions, requests for change, and observations about policies listed in these guidelines may be sent to the Bylaws Coordinator, whose address is listed in the 12 Stepper (mailed to every group). For security and personal anonymity of our trusted servants, names and addresses of NCWSC Committee members are not listed on these web pages.

Other service arms in the Northern California World Service Area (NCWSA), including Districts, Al-Anon Information Services, Intergroups, Literature Distribution Centers and Conventions are encouraged to appropriately use these guidelines and forms. Al-Anon and Alateen members may also access these guidelines and forms for their own use by downloading, reading and/or printing these guidelines, forms and bylaws. Commercial use and use outside of Al-Anon and Alateen functions are not permitted.

Get Acrobat Reader. These guidelines, forms and bylaws are in a .PDF format, which requires the use of a free software program called Acrobat Reader to download them. A connection to the site that offers the Acrobat Reader is with the understanding that including this connection does not imply that NCWSA, any other service arm in Northern California or Al-Anon Family Groups, Inc. endorses this or any other product supplied by the manufacturer of the Acrobat Reader.

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